18 CFR § 1309.18
Under what circumstances must recipients take remedial or affirmative action?
April 15, 2021

(a) Where a recipient is found to have discriminated on the basis of age, the recipient shall take any remedial action which TVA may require to overcome the effects of the discrimination, if another recipient exercises control over the recipient that has discriminated, both recipients may be required to take remedial action.

(b) Even in the absence of a finding of discrimination, a recipient may take affirmative action to overcome the effects of conditions that resulted in limited participation recipient's program or activity on the basis of age.

(c) If a recipient operating a program or activity which serves the elderly or children, in addition to persons of other ages, provides special benefits to the elderly or to children, the provision of those benefits shall be presumed to be voluntary affirmative action provided that it does not have the effect of excluding otherwise eligible persons from participation in the program or activity.

[46 FR 30811, June 11, 1981, as amended at 68 FR 51357, Aug. 26, 2003]

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