(a) Registrations shall include the following information:

(1) Identification of project sponsor including any and all proprietors, corporate officers or partners, the mailing address of the same, and the name of the individual authorized to act for the sponsor.

(2) Description of the project and site in terms of:

(i) Project location, including latitude and longitude coordinates in decimal degrees accurate to within 10 meters.

(ii) Project purpose.

(3) Identification of all sources of water, including the date the source was put into service, each source location (including latitude and longitude coordinates in decimal degrees accurate to within 10 meters), and if applicable, any approved docket numbers.

(4) Identification of current metering and monitoring methods for water withdrawal and consumptive use.

(5) Identification of current groundwater level or elevation monitoring methods at groundwater sources.

(6) All quantity data for water withdrawals and consumptive use for a minimum of the previous five calendar years. If the project sponsor registering submitted the water withdrawal and consumptive use data for the previous five calendar years to a member jurisdiction, that data will satisfy this requirement. A project sponsor registering may provide supplementary data related to water withdrawals and consumptive use quantities. If quantity data are not available, any information available upon which a determination of quantity could be made.

(7) For consumptive use, description of processes that use water, identification of water returned to the Basin, history of the use, including process changes, expansions and other actions that would have an impact on the amount of water consumptively used during the past five calendar years.

(8) Based on the data provided, the quantity of withdrawal for each individual source and consumptive use the project sponsor requests to be grandfathered by the Commission.

(9) Any ownership or name changes to the project since January 1, 2007.

(b) The Commission may require any other information it deems necessary for the registration process or waive any information required under paragraph (a) of this section for projects relying on a prior determination of the Commission.

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