(a) As a part of the registration process, the Commission shall review the current metering and monitoring for grandfathered withdrawals and consumptive uses.

(b) The Commission may require a metering and monitoring plan for the project sponsor to follow.

(c) Project sponsors, as an ongoing obligation of their registration, shall report to the Commission all information specified in the grandfathering determination under §806.44 in a form and manner determined by the Commission. If water withdrawal and consumptive use quantity reporting is required by the member jurisdiction where the project is located, the Commission shall accept that reported quantity to satisfy the requirements of this paragraph (c), unless the Commission finds that additional data is needed that is not required by the member jurisdiction.

(d) Any data generated or collected under paragraph (c) of this section will be made available to the member jurisdictions in a manner and timeframe mutually agreeable to both the Commission and the jurisdiction.

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