(a) Whether or not an NOV has been issued, the Executive Director may issue an order directing an alleged violator to cease and desist any action or activity to the extent such action or activity constitutes an alleged violation, or may issue any other order related to the prevention of further violations, or the abatement or remediation of harm caused by the action or activity.

(b) If the project sponsor fails to comply with any term or condition of a docket or other approval, the commissioners or Executive Director may issue an order suspending, modifying or revoking approval of the docket. The commissioners may also, in their discretion, suspend, modify or revoke a docket approval if the project sponsor fails to obtain or maintain other federal, state or local approvals.

(c) The commissioners or Executive Director may issue such other orders as may be necessary to enforce any provision of the compact, the Commission's rules or regulations, orders, approvals, docket conditions, or any other requirements of the Commission.

(d) It shall be the duty of any person to proceed diligently to comply with any order issued pursuant to this section.

(e) The Commission or Executive Director may enter into a Consent Order and Agreement with an alleged violator to resolve non-compliant operations and enforcement proceedings in conjunction with or separately from settlement agreements under §808.18.

[82 FR 29396, June 29, 2017]

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