(a) The Executive Director may issue an order requiring an alleged violator to show cause why a penalty should not be assessed in accordance with the provisions of this chapter and section 15.17 of the compact. The order to the alleged violator shall:

(1) Specify the nature and duration of violation(s) that is alleged to have occurred.

(2) Set forth the date by which the alleged violator must provide a written response to the order.

(3) Identify the civil penalty recommended by Commission staff.

(b) The written response by the project sponsor should include the following:

(1) A statement whether the project sponsor contests that the violations outlined in the Order occurred;

(2) If the project sponsor contests the violations, then a statement of the relevant facts and/or law providing the basis for the project sponsor's position;

(3) Any mitigating factors or explanation regarding the violations outlined in the Order; and

(4) A statement explaining what the appropriate civil penalty, if any, should be utilizing the factors at §808.16.

(c) Based on the information presented and any relevant policies, guidelines or law, the Executive Director shall make a written finding affirming or modifying the civil penalty recommended by Commission staff.

[82 FR 29397, June 29, 2017]

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