20 USC § 55
Acceptance of other sums
through Pub. L. 116-344, except Pub. Ls. 116-260 and 116-283

The Secretary of the Treasury is authorized and directed to receive into the Treasury, on the same terms as the original bequest of James Smithson, such sums as the Regents may, from time to time, see fit to deposit, not exceeding, with the original bequest, the sum of $1,000,000. This shall not operate as a limitation on the power of the Smithsonian Institution to receive money or other property by gift, bequest, or devise, and to hold and dispose of the same in promotion of the purposes thereof.


R.S. §5591 derived from act Feb. 5, 1867, ch. 34, §1, 14 Stat. 391.


1894—Act Mar. 12, 1894, made limitation on deposits into the Treasury inapplicable to receipt of gifts, bequests and devises and dispositions of money or other property.

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