22 CFR § 213.14
Contracting for collection services
November 19, 2020

USAID has entered into a cross-servicing agreement with the Financial Management Service (FMS) of the Department of Treasury. FMS is authorized to take all appropriate action to enforce collection of accounts referred to FMS in accordance with applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. The FMS fee ranges from 3% to 18% of the funds collected and will be collected from the debtor along with the original amount of the indebtedness. After referral, FMS will be solely responsible for the maintenance of the delinquent debtor records in its possessions and for ensuring that accounts are updated as necessary. In the event that a referred debtor disputes the validity of the debt or any terms and conditions related to any debt not reduced to judgment, FMS may return the disputed debt to USAID for its determination of debt validity. FMS may take any of the following collection actions on USAID's behalf:

(a) Send demand letters on U. S. Treasury letterhead and telephone debtors;

(b) Refer accounts to credit bureaus;

(c) Skiptracing;

(d) Purchase credit reports to assist in the collection effort;

(e) Refer accounts for offset, including tax refund, Federal employee salary, administrative wage garnishment, and general administrative offset under the Treasury Offset Program.

(f) Refer accounts to private collection agencies;

(g) Refer accounts to DOJ for litigation;

(h) Report written off/discharged debts to IRS on the appropriate Form 1099;

(i) Take any additional steps necessary to enforce recovery; and

(j) Terminate collection action, as appropriate.

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