22 CFR § 213.18
Suspension or revocation of eligibility for loans and loan guarantees, licenses or privileges
November 19, 2020

Unless waived by the CFO, USAID will not extend financial assistance in the form of a loan or loan guarantee to any person delinquent on a nontax debt owed to a Federal agency. USAID may also suspend or revoke licenses or other privileges for any inexcusable, prolonged or repeated failure of a debtor to pay a claim. Additionally, the CFO may suspend or disqualify any contractor, lender, broker, borrower, grantee or other debtor from doing business with USAID or engaging in programs USAID sponsors or funds if a debtor fails to pay its debts to the Government within a reasonable time. Debtors will be notified before such action is taken and applicable suspension or debarment procedures will be used. The CFO will report the failure of any surety to honor its obligations to the Treasury Department for action under 31 CFR 332.18.

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