(a) The CFO, through the FMS cross-servicing agreement and by direct action, refers to DOJ for litigation all claims on which aggressive collection actions have been taken but which could not be collected, compromised, suspended or terminated. Referrals are made as early as possible, consistent with aggressive agency collection action, and within the period for bringing a timely suit against the debtor. Unless otherwise provided by DOJ regulations or procedures, USAID refers for litigation debts of more than $2,500 but less than $1,000,000 to the Department of Justice's Nationwide Central Intake Facility as required by the Claims Collection Litigation Report (CCLR) instructions. Debts of over $1,000,000 shall be referred to the Civil Division at the Department of Justice.

(b) The CFO will clearly indicate on the CCLR the actions the DOJ should take on the referred claim.

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