This part applies to all programs or activities carried on within the United States by recipients of Federal financial assistance pursuant to any authority held or delegated by the Administrator of the Agency for International Development, including the types of Federal financial assistance listed in appendix A of this part. (appendix A may be revised from time to time by notice in the Federal Register). It applies to money paid, property transferred, or other Federal financial assistance extended after the effective date of this regulation, even if the application for such assistance is approved prior to such effective date. This part does not apply to (a) any Federal financial assistance by way of insurance or guaranty contracts, (b) money paid, property transferred or other assistance extended before the effective date of this part, (c) any assistance to any individual who is the ultimate beneficiary, and (d) any procurement of goods or services, including the procurement of training. This part does not bar selection and treatment reasonably related to the foreign assistance objective or such other authorized purpose as the Federal assistance may have. It does not bar selections which are limited to particular groups where the purpose of the Federal financial assistance calls for such a limitation nor does it bar special treatment including special courses of training, orientation or counseling consistent with such purpose.

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