The Regional Director shall, to the extent practicable, hold public hearings to obtain interested user groups, local populace, and affected Federal, State, and county agencies' opinions for opening or closing an area or trail in a manner that provides an opportunity for the public to express themselves and have their views taken into account. The Regional Director may act independently if he/she deems emergency action to open or close or restrict areas and trails is necessary to attain the objectives of the regulations of this part.

(a) Regional Directors shall designate and publicize those areas and trails which are open to off-road vehicle use in accordance with §420.23.

(b) Before any area or trail is opened to off-road vehicle use, the Regional Director will establish specific regulations which are consistent with the criteria in these regulations.

(c) The Regional Director will inspect designated areas and trails periodically to determine conditions resulting from off-road vehicle use. If he determines that the use of off-road vehicles will cause or is causing considerable adverse effects on the soil, vegetation, wildlife, wildlife habitat, or cultural or historic resources of particular areas or trails of the public lands, he shall immediately close such areas or trails to the type of off-road vehicle causing such effects. No area or trail shall be reopened until the Regional Director determines that adverse effects have been eliminated and that measures have been implemented to prevent future recurrence. The public shall be notified of restrictions or closure in accordance with §420.23.

[39 FR 26893, July 24, 1974, as amended at 44 FR 34909, June 15, 1979]

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