(a) A Department employee subject to salary offset or a voluntary repayment agreement may, at any time, request a special review by the Secretary of the amount of the salary offset or voluntary repayment installments, based on materially changed circumstances, such as, but not limited to, catastrophic illness, divorce, death, or disability.


(1) In determining whether an offset would prevent the employee from meeting essential subsistence expenses, e.g., food, housing, clothing, transportation, and medical care, the employee shall submit a detailed statement and supporting documents for the employee, his or her spouse, and dependents indicating:

(i) Income from all sources;

(ii) Assets and liabilities;

(iii) Number of dependents;

(iv) Food, housing, clothing, transportation, and medical expenses; and

(v) Exceptional and unusual expenses, if any.

(2) When requesting a special review under this section, the employee shall file an alternative proposed offset or payment schedule and a statement, with supporting documents as described in paragraph (b)(1) of this section, stating why the current salary offset or payments result in an extreme financial hardship to the employee.


(1) The Secretary shall evaluate the statement and supporting documents, and determine whether the original offset or repayment schedule imposes extreme financial hardship on the employee.

(2) Within 30 calendar days of the receipt of the request and supporting documents, the Secretary shall notify the employee in writing of such determination, including, if appropriate, a revised offset or repayment schedule.

(d) If the special review results in a revised offset or repayment schedule, the Secretary shall provide a new certification to the paying agency.

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