(a) Method and source of deductions. Unless the employee and the Secretary have agreed to an alternative repayment arrangement under §33.8, a debt shall be collected in lump sum or by installment deductions at officially established pay intervals from an employee's current pay account.

(b) Limitation on amount of deduction. Ordinarily, the size of installment deductions must bear a reasonable relationship to the size of the debt and the employee's ability to pay. However, the amount deducted for any pay period must not exceed 15 percent of the disposable pay from which the deduction is made, unless the employee has agreed in writing to the deduction of a greater amount, as outlined in §33.8.

(c) Duration of deductions.

(1) Lump sum. If the amount of the debt is equal to or less than 15 percent of the employee's disposable pay for an officially established pay interval, the debt generally will be collected in one lump-sum deduction.

(2) If the employee is deemed financially unable to pay in one lump-sum or the amount of the debt exceeds 15 percent of the employee's disposable pay for an officially established pay interval, the debt shall be collected in installments. Except as provided in paragraphs (e) and (f) of this section, installment deductions must be made over a period not greater than the anticipated period of active duty or employment.

(d) When deductions may begin.

(1) Deductions will begin on the date stated in the notice of intent, unless an alternative repayment agreement under §33.8 has been accepted or the employee has filed a timely request for a hearing.

(2) If the employee files a timely petition for hearing as provided in §33.6, deductions will begin after the hearing official has provided the employee with a hearing and a final written decision has been rendered in favor of the Department.

(e) Liquidation from final check. If an employee retires, resigns, or the period of employment ends before collection of the debt is completed, the remainder of the debt will be offset under 31 U.S.C. 3716 from subsequent payments of any nature (e.g., final salary payment or lump-sum leave) due the employee from the paying agency as of the date of separation.

(f) Recovery from other payments due a separated employee. If the debt cannot be satisfied by offset from any final payment due the employee on the date of separation, the Secretary will liquidate the debt, where appropriate, by administrative offset under 31 U.S.C. 3716 from later payments of any kind due the former employee (e.g., lump sum leave payment).

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