(a) Groups and organizations eligible. Except where otherwise prohibited by law, any public or nonprofit private agency, institution, or organization which is found by the Assistant Secretary to be authorized and qualified by educational, scientific, or other relevant competence to carry out a proposed project in accordance with the regulations of this subchapter shall be eligible to receive a grant under this part.

(b) Project eligible

(1) Policy research. Any project found by the Assistant Secretary to be a research, pilot, evaluation, or demonstration project within the meaning of this section and §63.1 shall be eligible for an award. Eligible projects may include planning, policy modeling or research utilization studies; experiments; demonstrations; field investigations; statistical data collections or analyses; or other types of investigation or studies, or combinations thereof, and may either be limited to one aspect of a problem or subject, or may consist of two or more related problems or subjects for concurrent or consecutive investigation and may involve multiple disciplines, facilities, and resources.

(2) Telecommunications demonstrations. Any projects which meet the special criteria in §63.6(c) shall be eligible for a telecommunications demonstration grant.

[40 FR 23295, May 29, 1975, as amended at 42 FR 36149, July 13, 1977]

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