(a) In each fiscal year the Assistant Secretary may from time to time solicit applications through one or more general or specialized program announcements. Such announcements will be published in the Federal Register as notices and will include:

(1) A clear statement of the type(s) of applications requested;

(2) A specified plan, time(s) of application, and criteria for reviewing and approving applications;

(3) Any grant terms or conditions of general applicability (other than those set forth in this part) which are necessary (i) to meet the statutory requirements of applicable legislation, (ii) to assure or protect the advancement of the project, or (iii) to conserve grant funds.

(b) Applications for grants: Any applicant eligible for grant assistance may submit on or before such cutoff date or dates as the Assistant Secretary may announce in program solicitations, an application containing such pertinent information and in accordance with the forms and instructions as prescribed herein and additional forms and instructions as may be specified by the Assistant Secretary. Such application shall be executed by the applicant or an official or representative of the applicant duly authorized to make such application. The Assistant Secretary may require any party eligible for assistance under this subchapter to submit a preliminary proposal for review and approval prior to the acceptance of an application submitted under these provisions.

(c) All applications and preliminary proposals should be addressed to:

Grants Officer, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation, Department of Health and Human Services, 330 Independence Avenue, SW, Room 5027, Washington, DC 20201.

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