(a) Except as provided in paragraph (c) of this section, the Commandant must conduct the preapproval review, required by this section, in accordance with 46 CFR 159.005-5.

(b) Manufacturer requirements. To seek Coast Guard approval of a lifeboat, the manufacturer must submit an application to the Commandant meeting the requirements of 46 CFR 159.005-5 for preapproval review. To meet the requirements of 46 CFR 159.005-5(a)(2), the manufacturer must submit in triplicate—

(1) A list of drawings, specifications, manuals, and any other documentation submitted, with each document identified by number, title, revision issue, and date;

(2) General arrangement and assembly drawings, including principal dimensions;

(3) Seating arrangement plan, including a dimensioned seat form to scale;

(4) A complete material list, with each material referenced to a U.S. national standard or, if a copy is provided in English, an equivalent international standard;

(5) Plans for carriage and, in detail, stowage of equipment;

(6) Hull, canopy, and critical parts lay-up schedule for a Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) lifeboat;

(7) Hull and canopy construction drawings, including particulars of joints, welds, seams, and other fabricating details;

(8) Weights and thickness of each major FRP structural component, including the hull, canopy, and inner liners, before outfitting;

(9) Specification and identification of materials such as steel, aluminum, resin, foam, fiberglass, cloth, and plastic used in the lifeboat's manufacture;

(10) Fabrication details for each major structural component, including details of each welded joint;

(11) Lines plans;

(12) Propulsion system specifications and arrangement and installation drawings;

(13) Steering system drawings and specifications;

(14) Release mechanism installation drawings and the mechanism's Coast Guard approval number;

(15) Air and water spray systems drawings and specifications, if installed;

(16) Plans for critical subassemblies;

(17) Hydraulic systems drawings and specifications, if installed;

(18) Electrical system schematics and specifications;

(19) Stability data, including righting arm curves in the light and loaded condition for both intact and flooded stability;

(20) Drawings of all signs and placards, showing actual inscription, format, color, size, and location on the lifeboat;

(21) Complete data pertinent to the installation and use of the proposed lifeboat, including the light load (condition A) and full load (condition B) weights;

(22) Specifications for the required launching ramp length and angle, and the height of free-fall lifeboat installation above the water;

(23) An operation, maintenance, and training manual as described in §§160.135-19 and 160.135-21 of this subpart;

(24) A description of the quality control procedures and record keeping that will apply to the production of the lifeboat, which must include but is not limited to—

(i) The system for checking material certifications received from suppliers;

(ii) The method for controlling the inventory of materials;

(iii) The method for checking quality of fabrication, seams, and joints, including welding inspection procedures; and

(iv) The inspection checklists used during various stages of fabrication to assure that the approved lifeboat complies with the approved plans and the requirements of this subpart;

(25) Full details of any other unique capability;

(26) Any other drawing(s) necessary to show that the lifeboat complies with the requirements of this subpart;

(27) The location or address of all manufacturing sites, including the name and address of any subcontractors, where the lifeboat will be constructed; and

(28) The name of the independent laboratory that will perform the duties prescribed in §§160.135-11 and 160.135-15 of this subpart.

(c) At the request of the manufacturer and discretion of the Commandant, an independent laboratory may conduct preapproval review required by this section so long as the preapproval review is conducted in accordance with the procedures agreed upon between the independent laboratory and Commandant under 46 CFR part 159, subpart 159.010.

(d) Plan quality. The plans and specifications submitted to the Commandant under this section must—

(1) Be provided in English, including all notes, inscriptions, and designations for configuration control;

(2) Address each of the applicable items in paragraph (b) of this section in sufficient detail to show that the lifeboat meets the construction requirements of this subpart;

(3) Accurately depict the proposed lifeboat;

(4) Be internally consistent;

(5) Be legible; and

(6) If reviewed by an independent laboratory under paragraph (c) of this section, include the independent laboratory's attestation that the plans meet the quality requirements of this section.

(e) Alternatives. Alternatives in materials, parts, or construction, and each item replaced by an alternative, must be clearly indicated as such in the plans and specifications submitted to the Commandant under this section.

(f) Coast Guard review. If the plans or specifications do not comply with the requirements of this section, Coast Guard review may be suspended, and the applicant notified accordingly.

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