(a) The minimum information necessary on a registration of a buyer, commission merchant, or selling agent is as follows:

(1) Buyer, commission merchant, or selling agent name and address;

(2) Farm product or products (see §§205.106, 205.206) in which registrant is interested; and

(3) If registrant is interested only in such product or products produced or located in a certain county or parish, or certain counties or parishes, in the same State, the name of each such county or parish.

(b) A registrant, if not registered for any specified county or parish, or counties or parishes, must be deemed to have registered for all counties and parishes shown on the master list.

(c) A requirement of additional information on a registration form is discretionary with the State.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 0580-0016)

[51 FR 29451, Aug. 18, 1986, as amended at 71 FR 56342, Sept. 27, 2006]

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