(a) The master list must contain all the information on all the EFS's filed in the system, so arranged that it is possible to deliver to any registrant all such information relating to any product, produced or located in any county or parish (or all counties or parishes), for any crop year, covered by the system. The system must be able to deliver all such information to any registrant, either in alphabetical order by the word appearing first in the name of each person subjecting a product to a security interest (see §205.102), in numerical order by social security number or approved unique identifier (or, if other than a natural person, IRS taxpayer identification number or approved unique identifier) of each such person, or in both alphabetical and numerical orders, as requested by the registrant.

(b) Section (c)(2)(E) requires the portion to be distributed in “written or printed form.” This means recording on paper by any technology in a form that can be read by humans without special equipment. The system may, however, honor requests from registrants to substitute recordings on any medium by any technology including, but not limited to, electronic recording on tapes or discs in machine-readable form, and on photographic recording on microfiche. It also includes, if requested by registrants, electronic transmissions whereby registrants can print their own paper copies.

(c) After distribution of a portion of a master list, there can be supplementary distribution of a portion showing only changes from the previous one. However, if this is done, cumulative supplements must be distributed often enough that readers can find all the information given to them for any one crop year in no more than three distributions.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 0580-0016)

[51 FR 29451, Aug. 18, 1986, as amended at 61 FR 54728, Oct. 22, 1996; 71 FR 56343, Sept. 27, 2006]

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